FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Why is a live potted tree more expensive than a cut tree?
Delivery, pick-up and care for the tree year-round are included in the price you pay for your EVERGROW Christmas tree. Maintaining a live tree requires more work compared to a cut tree because of year round duties including pruning and irrigation.

Does delivery cost extra?
Delivery and pick-up are included in the rental price. We at EVERGROW want to make sure your tree is delivered with care and arrives at your home in Christmas ready condition.

How much do I water my tree and how often?
We recommend that you use ice to water your tree. Add 1-2 trays of ice to your tree every second day.

Why can't we have the tree for longer than 3 weeks?
Trees become cold hardy in the winter in order to protect themselves from the harsh weather. With increased temperatures in the spring, the trees come out of dormancy and begin to grow new foliage. If a tree is in your home for a period longer than 3 weeks it may think it is spring and start to lose its cold hardiness. Putting the tree back outside after this occurs would be a shock to the tree and could cause damage to its buds. We want our trees to live long and healthy lives, and so limit their indoor time to no longer than 3 weeks.

Where do the trees go after Christmas?
After Christmas, most of our trees return to our nursery where they are cared for until next year. Many of our trees are planted in various locations in the Lower Mainland. This year, our Douglas-fir trees are donated to Evergreen, a not-for-profit organization that makes cities more livable, by deepening the connection between people and nature.

How is the size of the tree measured?
The size of the tree is measured from the base of the pot to the top of the tree.

Can I put lights and decorations on my tree?
Decorate your tree how you see fit. Only use LED lights as they are energy efficient and do not give off heat which would dry out your tree. Please don't use tinsel, flock or sprays as these are nearly impossible to remove and can damage the tree.

Can I get the same tree next year?
We at EVERGROW strive to keep all our trees healthy and in Christmas condition for next year. Because trees are natural living things, we cannot guarantee that you will receive the same tree again next year.

What if I can't be available for my scheduled delivery time?
We highly recommend that someone is home to receive your tree. The tree is quite heavy and needs to be placed in the ideal location in your house. If no one is available to receive the tree, we will either leave the tree on the doorstep or we will have to re-deliver it another time. An additional delivery fee will apply.

Why does Evergrow offer cut trees?
We cannot provide a live potted tree that is larger than 7 feet. For those customers who want a larger tree, we offer the next greenest alternative. Our cut trees are greener than other cut trees because they are grown locally in the Fraser Valley, they are delivered and picked up on our eco-efficient route, and after Christmas they are converted into biofuel. Cut trees range from 8 to 10 feet.