Sold out for all 2017 orders!

At Evergrow we believe that live potted trees are the best option for Christmas. We realize that many of our customers are environmentally minded, but want larger trees. The maximum size for a live tree is 7 feet. We provide cut trees that range from 7 to 10 feet and bring them to you in the greenest possible way.

Our cut trees are:

  • -Delivered and picked up on our eco-efficient route
  • -Locally grown right here in the Fraser Valley
  • -Converted into bark mulch after Christmas

Looking for a larger tree?

We offer premium cut trees from 7' to 10' in three different species. The maximum size for a potted tree is 7' (including the pot).

Need a tree for longer?

You can celebrate Christmas for up to five weeks with one of our Evergrow premium cut trees. Evergrow Live Potted trees are limited to a 3-week time period.

Want Less Responsibility?

For a cut tree all you need to do is keep the water level in the stand full. Our live potted trees require more care and attention.

Show me the Cut Trees!

At Evergrow, we believe that every facet of our business should be as environmentally friendly as possible. Because we offer cut trees to purchase, we needed to make sure that those trees didn't end up in landfills along with all the other wrapping paper and plastic, so we decided to offer a pickup and disposal service for your cut trees - even if you didn't buy them from us.

To dispose of your cut tree, it's simple - just contact us by email - - and tell us where you live and when you'd like your cut tree picked up.

But what happens to it after you take it away?

We turn all our cut trees into bark mulch that helps provide a healthy soil environment for our potted trees.

How much does it cost?

Our 'green' cut tree disposal service is $30 (*for front-door pickup only).
If you would like the tree taken out from inside the house and disposed of, the cost is $60 for trees up to 7'. Trees larger than 8' will cost $75 to be taken away.